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Here in the Celestial Haven, you are free to roam about under the safe eye of the Celestial Guardians. There are a wide variety of activities from Random Chat to Role Plays, so there is plenty for everybody.
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 Aurora Starpaw- The Head Guardian

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PostSubject: Aurora Starpaw- The Head Guardian   Thu Jul 17, 2008 3:21 pm

All must bow to me.......jk

Anyways, my name is Aurora Starpaw. Now, I don't mind you calling me by my full name, but Aurora is just fine. Let's see, about me?

I am a winged wolf, born in the frigid north under the aurora lights. I have gone thorugh much in my life, but my caring personality doesn't show that. Of course, I don't just sit back. I have a firey side that keeps my energy at 110%. Never get me mad though, for I can turn on you with fangs in an instant.

Well, I love flying during the late evening, when the sun is shining its last light. I also enjoy night flying, especially in the northern lights. But I also enjoy a peaceful swim whenever I can.

I HATE when people like to judge me, from how I look to how I act. I also prefer people to be courteous to one another.

Uh...not much else about me except I LOVE drawing :3 Give you 3 guesses as to what.
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Aurora Starpaw- The Head Guardian
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